Customer Testimonials

So impressed!!! Thank for the best experience ever and getting me camera ready for my next project! My skin feels so soft and it glows!
- Stacie C.

What an amazing experience at Beyond Beauty! My treatment and the care received truly went beyond my expectations. Thank you for giving me confidence and excellent care Nurse Julie and staff!
- Melanie H.

I was extremely pleased with the treatment I received at Beyond Beauty on a recent visit. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and I felt very comfortable, after my thorough and initial consultation, putting myself in their very capable hands. They listened carefully to my skin care concerns and tailored a plan specifically for me that would best achieve my goals. I never felt pressured to make "on the spot" decisions and I appreciated that immensely! Their nurse, Julie, carefully explained my procedure and put me at ease, even cracking a few jokes in order to calm my nerves - I love that! It is obvious that she is not only skilled at what she does, she is passionate as well!  I am MORE than thrilled with the results and will definitely be returning to Beyond Beauty soon.  Thank you for a wonderful experience, Beyond Beauty!
– Kim G.

Thank you so much for the treatments this week. You have a wonderful clinic with such warm and charismatic staff.
- Jacklyn C.

5 SUPER STARS to Beyond Beauty. When something is unfamiliar, I can be very apprehensive to do anything that might make me uncomfortable. This time was different. I arrived at the clinic thinking I would have a consultation and be on my way, carrying on with my post childbirth hyper pigmented neck and jaw line. (yikes, hate that) Low and behold, I was greeted with friendly ease and a cup of tea to ease my nerves. Nurse Julie sat me down, took a photo and pointed out a few things that she could help me with. She showed me what she would do when I felt I was ready. I was so relaxed and trusted her knowledge that I actually laid down on her comfortable medical chair. She made me laugh and talked to me with a genuine care for my skin and my age....as I looked at her beautiful skin along with the other two beauties, April and Junelle, I thought to myself, seriously? If only I could have skin like theirs.... I completely forgot about my worries with hopes that Julie might be able to transform my skin as predicted...and she was right.  It didn't hurt. It actually felt good. My daughter noticed even after one treatment how much softer and even my skin was. I am definitely going back to the fountain of youth. The office staff are all beautiful and inspiring and very peaceful people to be with, and they are funny too, which always makes me more at ease....to laugh. I am now smiling. Thank you for a BEYOND BEAUTIFUL 
- Elizabeth M.

Talk about very awesome customer service.  Loving everything offered from Junelle and April.  You’re the best Beyond Beauty.
– Melissa V.

My experience at this clinic was exceptionally positive! The office/reception staff was my initial contacts, and they were pleasant, knowledgeable, and professional. I felt respected and valued from the moment I arrived. The consultation process was thorough and gave me a sense of confidence in this clinic. I was extremely impressed with their nurse (Julie), who performed my treatments. The depth of her knowledge and her honed technical skills were apparent immediately. She made certain that she understood what my goals were, and the results were amazing yet subtle, which is exactly the outcome I desired. I traveled from an adjoining state to this clinic and would do so again. I was very impressed and highly satisfied. I, too, have a medical background - - so I know what to look for in a quality healthcare environment. Kudos to Beyond Beauty!
– Jane P.

Beautiful people in a beautiful space. 
– Asia M.

Loved my experience here. The environment is very spa like, with cool blacks and sea blue decor. The ambiance is elegant and calm. I was greeted by friendly, knowledgeable, warm staff at the front desk and offered a refreshment. I was nervous about the procedure, but felt more comfortable as the woman explained the process. I was impressed when she later gave a more detailed 'scientific' explanation of the process during the after-care portion of my visit. I was nervous about the price tag...seems like sometimes in these upper scale places, you can't ask about price (if you have to ask, you can't afford, right?) I was relieved at the casual, friendly way the woman at the check-out desk handled it...more importantly, PLEASANTLY surprised by the reasonable prices!!! I'm sad it took me until 44 to pamper and value myself enough to "splurge" on something this selfish...but now that I know what these skin care places are all about (and how affordable they are) I'm thinking I'm not selfish, I deserve it!!! I'll be back!
– Lisa K.

After a consultation, the Beyond Beauty staff recommended I have a MicroLaser Peel. I was a bit apprehensive and more than nervous. The staff was very profession and patient with me. They answered all of my questions and put me at ease. They fully explained what I needed to do once I got home. Then, I was happily surprised by a follow up phone call the next day! They were just checking in, wanted to know how I was feeling and if I had any additional questions. I loved the excellent customer service, the friendly staff and the beautiful decor. One month later, my skin looks amazing! I now recommend Beyond Beauty to all of my friends and family!

- Kristin R.


In an effort to obtain a new glam look, I took a makeup lesson from Asia at Beyond Beauty.  I was bored and wanting a change for my face!  The makeup I was using was the same brand and color I had been using for over a decade..I know, definitely time for a change J

My only regret was that I didn’t have plans for going out that evening after Asia gave me my makeover…it looked amazing.  Asia walked me through application and technique.  She taught me many valuable things as far as what types of brushes to be using and where on my face to wear bronzer, blush etc.  She made my eyes pop with some eyelashes and bold colors.  I had never tried fake eyelashes and what a game changer they are.

I was beyond impressed and felt beautiful leaving my appointment.  I would definitely recommend Asia’s services and will be a repeat client.  It’s amazing how fun makeup can be and how beautiful it can make you feel.  Thanks for a great experience, Asia!


- Beth Weber